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2019 Gardening Trends All Millennials Will Be Following | Epic Home Ideas


Millennials are taking over the world and the same goes for creating new gardening trends. Apart from pursuing gardening as a hobby or a pass time, millennials are treating it as a way to experiment and show off their creativity.

Despite being a generation submerged into digital world, it is also a generation which tries to find balance by bringing nature into their homes and urban surroundings.

Follow these trends as they will be an inspiration for the following year.

Small garden, big challenge

Most gardens nowadays are smaller in size, but that doesn’t mean there is no space to experiment with your ideas. By reimagining your garden space, and thinking both vertically and horizontally, you are sure to find some solutions. If you have little or no space for placing flower beds horizontally, try creating a vertical garden. You can do this by placing your flower pots on the wall or fence.

Submerging into nature

Urban gardening doesn’t care for clean lines and too much elegance. New lifestyles need new trends, so you need a garden which is a place to relax, unwind and to escape from the stress of everyday reality.

For this purpose, plant trees rather than hedges if there is enough space. This will give your garden a makeover inspired by wilderness. But if there is little space to work with, you can use pot plants and flower beds placed randomly or more closely together for the feeling of enclosure.

Health and Environment-friendly

Millenials are prone to organic nourishment and are also more environmentally friendly. Even when living in big cities, they try their best to uphold those standards. Instead of planting a herb only because of its looks, you might also consider it for its nutritional values and health benefits. Though most of us can’t grow all of our own food, we can still provide for vegetables like garlic or onions in our everyday cooking.

To create an upcycled garden you may choose to use recycled materials as your plant containers. Another way to be environmentally friendly is to help your garden’s visitors, animal visitors that is. By planting flowers you can attract more bees, but also you may choose to make your own DIY bird feeder or a birdhouse.

An expression of you

Apart from making your garden space functional, it is also important to make it suit you. Line out some open space so you can repurpose it for your workout or create a snuggling place surrounded by plants and hanging lights for the feeling of sensation.

To make it more unique, give your garden a centerpiece as advised by Hoselink garden care. An interesting garden feature or a plant that stands out from the rest can be all you need to wrap up all the different parts of your garden into one cohesive art piece.

No garden? No problem.

The ideas mentioned above are more about organizing actual garden space, big or small, but what if you have no garden at all? In this case, you have to be extra creative. If you have a terrace of any kind, use the space. If there is no more space than for one small cherry tree, choose it instead of some random houseplant. In time, you might actually enjoy some cherries from your very own tree. Even a french balcony can give you an opportunity to hang a flower pot over your railing.

But again, if there is no terrace and no balcony, don’t despair. You can bring the outside life inside by placing a few well thought out houseplants. Depending on how much sunlight and care you can provide for your plants, make a shorter list of possible plant candidates. It is also important to choose the ones that won’t take over the space entirely but will rather complement it and make it more lively.

Another interesting way to bring the garden inside is to create a herb garden. In addition to spicing up your indoor living space, it is a useful way to have some fresh herbs on hand whenever needed.

As far as millennial gardening trends are concerned, crowded spaces and concrete jungles should be reimagined as urban settings being taken over by wilderness. No more simple pretty lawns, as gardens are a place to reconnect with nature as well as a source of nourishment. No matter how big or small your garden is, follow the trends listed above to give your garden a sense of wonder and freedom but also sustainability.


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